Yanina Re

Spanish and English Teacher 

Hi! My name’s Yanina and I’m an English and Spanish Teacher. I’m 26 and I’ve been teaching since I was 19. I teach kids, teens, and adults. I love my job because I feel that it’s a constant exchange between the student and the teacher. I learn a lot from them and that makes me grow personally and professionally.

I have fun working because that’s what I love doing. I love incorporating technology into my lessons. I enjoy using apps and especially memes.

What I love the most about this way of teaching is the flexibility it provides. Online teaching fits in almost any lifestyle and profession. I will be thrilled to walk you through your learning process. See you soon!

My Packages of Classes (US Dollars)

10 classes of 45 minutes - US$ 120 

10 classes of 30 minutes - US$80 

5 classes of 45 minutes - US$60 

5 classes of 30 minutes - US$40 


My packages of Classes (Argentinean pesos)

10 classes of 45 minutes - $3000 

10 classes of 30 minutes - $2000 

5 classes of 45 minutes - $1500 

5 classes of 30 minutes - $1000


My Packages of Classes (Real)

10 classes of 45 minutes - R$420 

10 classes of 30 minutes - R$280 

5 classes of 45 minutes - R$210

5 classes of 30 minutes - R$140

Payment Methods
- Credit cards
- PayPal
- Deposit or Bank Transfer (in Argentina)