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Sheila Leal

English, Portuguese and Spanish Teacher 

Hello! My name is Sheila. I'm from Rio de Janeiro and now I'm living in Belo Horizonte, but I also lived in Mariana, Ouro Preto, Buenos Aires and Berkeley, California. I'm a historian and I have been working with research and education for more than fifteen years. In 2012 I took a break from researching and decided to work with something else. I had taught History in schools and preparatory courses, but I wanted to do something different. That was when I had the idea of teaching English, and the result was much better than I could imagine!


I have already had students from 3-years-old (I love working with children) to some in their 70's, going through groups of teenagers, adults and mixed, from the basic level to the advanced one. Nowadays I feel fulfilled being a teacher! I found out the joy of vibrating with each student's progress, noticing and respecting the time and needs of each one in particular. I like to plan my lessons on a personal level, in a way students can learn and experience the new language as simple and fun as possible.


I have been teaching English since 2012, during this time I have worked at some of the most relevant courses in Brazil, such as Wise Up, Fisk and BRASAS. I had already been teaching English for 5 years when I took on new challenges: teaching Spanish and Portuguese to foreigners. I have been teaching online classes since 2017 and I can say that I am very happy with the practice of online teaching and the world of didactic possibilities that this tool offers.


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4 classes of 1 hour 

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My fees 

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