Edmar Victor

Spanish, Portuguese and English Teacher 



My name is Edmar Victor, but please feel free to use any of the two (or both, if you feel like it). I was born and raised in the Baixada Fluminense, an area of Rio de Janeiro, but since 2015 I've been living in Mexico City, where I came to complete my Ph.D. Here in Mexico, I’ve had the opportunity of living in a truly international community, with people from all over the continent and also some from Europe.

History is my greatest passion and I’ve dedicated most of my energy to it, both professionally and as a student. My other major passion is languages and, as such, I’ve devoted myself to learning them since childhood. Currently, I speak four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French), certainly with more to come. It was always fascinating to me the possibility of communicating with different people, from diverse cultures and speaking in different ways.

In my path, I’ve had contact with all sorts of teaching styles, which allowed me to familiarize myself with various strategies about the learning process of a foreign language. I also learned that different styles work for different kinds of students and, because of it, our classes will be tailored to your personal needs and aptitudes, always trying to make them the most captivating as possible.

My fees
10 classes of 1 hour - R$580 (50 days to use the classes)
10 classes of 30 minutes - R$290 (50 days to use the classes)
5 classes of 1 hour - R$290 (40 days to use the classes)
5 classes of 30 minutes - R$145 (40 days to use the classes)
Ask for the price in your local currency on the day of payment.
Payment Methods
- PayPal
- Payoneer
Western Union