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How the Idea Came Up

Teacher Luisa had an English school with many small groups. One of her students, who used to travel a lot, missed a lot of classes. Luisa asked that particular student to call in via Skype from wherever she was to participate in the classes. The student followed Luisa’s suggestion and from then on she never missed one class. Moreover, she became even more motivated to continue learning with Luisa.

The First Steps
Our Mission

To be a top quality online language school, where students receive personalized classes from anywhere with Internet access at an affordable price.

Present Time

Luisa moved to Argentina to study Spanish. She decided to continue teaching, but this time exclusively online through Skype. She realized that the demand for online service was growing by the minute for a variety of reasons. One reason was that people had an ever increasing number of things to do, but they still only had 24 hours a day to get things done. Luisa, just like you, figured out that it didn’t make sense to be stuck in traffic forever if you could have an English class in the comfort of your home with just a few clicks of your mouse, so to speak.

Now, E Learning for All serves students internationally in whatever venue they might find themselves: at home, at a cafe, at an airport, at their office, or any other place with access to internet.

I’m from São Paulo and I studied English at two conventional language​​  schools, however since the content is standardized, the learning process is slow and uninteresting. I took some lessons with a private tutor, but I still was not satisfied because besides the delays, the content did not motivated me either. When I took a demo class at E-learning For All with teacher Luisa I found everything I wanted, a completely personalized content where you have classes talking about subjects that you like therefore, the conversation flows very naturally, cost-effective, you’re not doing homework during class hours, it is pure conversation. The fact that you receive the email with the class worksheet and everything is organized with comments, new vocabulary is also great because you can study anytime from anywhere that has wi-fi. I totally recommend it even for those who already know a language and just want to avoid getting rusty. I am even thinking of starting French soon."

Daniela Martins, São Paulo, Brazil


I decided to start online classes because it is very convenient. I’ve been living in SP for 4 years, I have a 3 year old daughter and  I working at my home office. I try to make the most of my time sharing household chores, my work at home, caring for my daughter, studies and leisure and it would be very complicated if most of my activities were done outside of my house in a city like São Paulo where traffic is big problem.
With online classes at the times that are convenient for me, I can organize myself to do all my activities without giving up anything. There is no difference between online and face-to-face class. I am very happy and pleased to continue studying what I love without the excuse of the lack of time that prevents many people from learning, and the cost-benefit is also very good.
Everyone at E-Learning For All are always very attentive
and I highly recommend it!
My teacher is Malena and I love having classes with her because she is very patient, respects my limits and always has new things to teach me.

Patricia Baía, Pará, Brazil


E-Learning For All has 3 major interesting  points:  1) The classes are wherever you are, so you do not need to worry about traffic, parking, and place to be at a specific time; 2) You can arrange with the teacher the day and time of the classes; 3) The classes are one-on-one and the teacher can focus on what you need or want, which means efficiency in the learning process. Skype classes are great!

Renato Aguiar, Fortaleza, Brazil

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