Misconceptions of Learning a Language Online

When we talk about the possibility of learning a language online, we get all kinds of responses. Some are positive and others not so much. Though we respect different opinions we thought it would be useful to talk about some misconceptions about learning a language online. By doing so we can guarantee the opinion is based on actual facts rather than assumptions.


One of the questions people ask is "Can I really learn something online?"

  • When people hear "online" the first thing that comes to mind are those online video courses that are generic and don't take into account each student's likes, dislikes, and specific goals and that might not work for everyone

  • The teachers of E-Learning For All teach live one-on-one online classes and they design lessons based on what you really need and want to learn.


Ok, personalized classes! But will I learn any grammar?

  • If that's what you need and want, sure! Our teachers respect your learning style and tailor the lessons based on what your goals are.


There are no books, how am I supposed to learn without a book?

  • Our teachers have tons of books to get ideas from that way you get the best of every book without having to pay anything else for that.

  • Besides, there is so much material available online that we won't even need to open a single book if we don't want to.

  • However, if you want to follow a specific book, E-Learning For All teachers will do that for you! Remember, our classes are tailored to what you desire.


How am I supposed to learn if there is no whiteboard or notebook?

  • We use documents that can provide live interaction, you'll see everything your teacher writes instantly and what makes this tool even better than a whiteboard is the fact that your teacher can also see everything you write on this document instantly, too!

  • If you are the type of person who likes writing while learning, go ahead and get yourself a notebook to take your notes. You can also take your notes on the document we share with you. Everything gets saved automatically and you can open it on all your devices, cell phones, tablets and computers so your notes are always with you!


Isn't the time of the class too short? Only 1 hour or 30 minutes?

  • You'll be alone with your teacher and you won't have to fight with other students to get your teacher's attention. During a speaking activity, for instance, you'll be the only one speaking (no need to share the time of the class with anyone else), therefore the time you spend with your teacher is very intense.


We hope we have cleared all your doubts, but if you still don't feel online lessons are for you or if you have some other concerns, feel free to contact us via email (contato@elearningforall.org) or click the button below to choose a teacher,  schedule a free demo class and see it for yourself.