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Hi! My name is Malena and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I teach both English and Spanish. I used to work in schools and in some private language institutes. In classrooms, I taught English to kids, teenagers and adults. In 2012, I decided to teach online. At first, it was really a challenge for me. But quickly, I began to learn about all the tools available online, and I began to be able to provide fantastic classes. Today, I am very comfortable and happy with what I do. I have had many students learning with me and the relationships we have established are unique and comfortable for everyone involved. I love meeting people from around the world. I love languages and I love teaching them!! I think it’s the perfect combination!!

Hi! My name is Luisa and I have always been a teacher. Believe it or not, I used to teach my teddy bears and dolls, but I started teaching for real when I was 17 after living one year in the States and taking an English teacher’s training course.

Then I went to college and earned my degree in Physical Education, I know it seems like those careers have nothing in common, but it was in college that I discovered that being a teacher is my vocation. Besides that, my background in physical education is reflected in my dynamic way of teaching.

I did my graduate studies in psycho-pedagogy, which was fundamental in my training as a teacher because it allowed me to develop my knowledge about ways of both learning and teaching.

As an English teacher I have worked in many schools, most of them bilingual ones, with kids of all ages (3-13 years old). Outside of grade schools, I have taught language courses to adults and teenagers. For several years, I also had my own little school where I taught small groups as well as one-on-one students.

I am also a Portuguese teacher, not a certified one, but  a passionate one. I re-discovered my native language when a friend asked me to teach her Brazilian Portuguese. I didn’t know why I said things a certain way, but as I taught, I studied my own language and learned the whys. Portuguese is a beautiful and yet a strange language that I love to teach as well.

I have been teaching through Skype since 2009.  I love using the technology to improve my classes and make them more entertaining.

I am Brazilian, so I speak Portuguese and teach Conversation Classes of Brazilian Portuguese. I also speak and teach English. I speak Spanish as well, but I don’t teach it. At least, not yet!


Hi everyone! I’m Daniela from Córdoba, Argentina and I’m an enthusiastic language learner and English teacher. I studied English for two years at the National University of Córdoba, however English has been my passion ever since I came into contact with it at the age of nine.

I decided to turn my passion into my livelihood. I graduated from an English Teaching Training College in 2013.

My experience as a teacher has been very rewarding, so far. I have experience in teaching people of all ages, from five year olds to grown ups. I put a great deal of effort into tailoring classes according to my students’ needs and tastes and I love making my classes fun and creative, too. Moreover, I love traveling and getting to know people from around the world.  English has allowed me to pursue both of these loves. No matter where you are from or what language you speak, you can always rely on English as a global language for communication.

So, why don’t you join me in class? I’ll be glad to teach you.

Hi everyone!

My name is Rita. I’m from Portugal, so Portuguese is my mother tongue! I’m a medical doctor, however teaching has always enchanted me, because it allows us to exchange knowledge!

Although I’m what I like to call a science person, I’ve always loved to read and travel. This love of reading and traveling led to my insatiable need to learn new languages! I believe that when you learn a new language, you get to know new worlds and cultures! Communicating is one of the most extraordinary things in the world!

I´ve always loved teaching  as it enables the exchange of knowledge!

Why learn new languages?

English is the second most spoken language, it allows us to break language barriers anywhere.

And what about learning Spanish, the third most spoken language. Learn Spanish and win the hearts of all Spanish speakers?

If you are a doctor, a nurse or a medical student, why not learn how to communicate with your current and future patients in another language?

I provide classes for:

Elementary levels (English/Spanish)

Intermediate levels (English/Spanish)

Conversation and an improvement of it(English/Spanish)

Technical classes in the fields of Medicine and Health (Spanish/ English/ Portuguese)

See you soon! Have fun communicating!

P.S: My schedule is flexible so, we can arrange our classes directly via email.


Hello! My name is Yanina and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I’m an English teacher. More than one person has told me that becoming an English teacher was a bad career choice. Nevertheless, my decision to become an English teacher was not based on the job market, but on where I think I best fit in the grand scheme of things. If language is at the heart of everything we do, then I want to be in the middle of the action, helping others learn to use language well. Language sustains thought, development, improvement, and community.  I cannot see myself teaching any other subject. That is why I am an English teacher.
I started teaching when I was 17 preparing students of my English private Institute of lower grades for Cambridge exams. Then, during my course of studies, I was a teacher assistant and delivered some lessons to students who were beginning their course of studies. I felt great after every lesson because I could see how interested students were. In addition to this, I’ve been preparing students for Trinity College exams since 2011. And now I decided to teach online in order to give the opportunity to everybody with access to Internet to learn the language.
So, I hope to be YOUR English Teacher!

Hi there! I'm Natalia Aguero and I'm an English teacher. I've been teaching English in different levels and for students of different ages for quite some years. I am a passionate teacher and I strongly believe that learning of a new language and its culture allows people to grow up in many different aspects. I think that when a person learns a new language, a new wonderful world opens before their eyes.
I'm an experienced teacher and I create successful courses considering my students' needs. I believe that the basis for success is not possible if the students' needs and requests are not included in the content.
I have a flexible schedule. Being your teacher will be a pleasure. See you!

Hello! My name is Sheila Leal and I live in Rio de Janeiro. I was born here, but I also lived in Buenos Aires and Berkeley, California - so, besides Portuguese and English, I also speak Spanish. I am a historian and I have been working with research for more than ten years. About four years ago, I took a break from researching and decided to work with something else. I had taught History in schools and preparatory courses, but I wanted to do something different. That was when I had the idea of ​​teaching English, and the result was much better than I could imagine!

I have had since students from 3 to 4-years-old (I love working with children!) to some in their 70's, going through groups of teenagers, adults and mixed, from the basic level to the advanced one. Nowadays I feel fulfilled as an English teacher and I found out the joy of vibrating with each student's progress, noticing and respecting the time and needs of each one in particular. I like to plan my lessons on a personal level, in a way students can learn and experience the new language as simple and fun as possible.

Since I started teaching English, I have lived in several cities, in different countries, I have traveled extensively, I have met different cultures and accents. Today, I am very happy with the idea of ​​teaching online and with the tons of didactic possibilities that this practice offers.

Shall we begin? =)

Hi I am Manuela and I am German-Brazilian. Because we always spoke two languages at my family home I have always nourished a great interest in languages. I have an BA and an MA in History and have lived in different cities and countries (which is why I love the whole idea of online teaching). In 2014 I was living in Denmark and begin to teach Portuguese to friends interested in know more about capoeira. That's how it all started. Since 2016 I also teach English as second language.

Hi! My name is Caro, I live in the city of Córdoba, Argentina and I would love to help you! These days, I’m studying to be an English Teacher at the University of Córdoba, UNC. I have been interested in languages ever since I was around 12 when I started listening to music, watching movies and helping my friends with their homework. Since then, I have been in contact with the English language somehow and I have developed a passion for language exchanges and language teaching. I worked in English institutes and I have helped students to learn, improve and practice English in all levels. Since 2015, I work as an online English and Spanish teacher. My students are usually from Argentina, United States, Spain and Canada, from children to elderly. The experience of working from anywhere while being connected with people from different cities and countries is just amazing, and it never ceases to amaze me how many technological tools are available for teaching and learning languages online. I put my heart into every class, and lesson planning is as fun as teaching it because each lesson is tailored to the student’s needs. I love traveling and, for me, working as an online teacher is a way of travelling around the World while helping my students to communicate in different languages.

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